2020 Technologies: New Innovations And Tech On The Rise

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In our digitally dominated world, staying up to date on technology releases is a crucial part of gaining an edge within the booming tech industry. Colorado remains at the forefront of creative development and insightful technology solutions in industries from healthcare to entertainment to artificial intelligence. Based on our research, 2020 technologies are all about getting results faster, easier, and smarter.

It’s a bold year for technology innovation and advancements. The degree in which our lives are intertwined with technology will continue to shape how we interact with the world and solve problems.  Experts predict consumers will trend towards tech that protects their data and streamlines their day to day experiences.

Today we’re exploring what technologies are new in 2020, what we expect to debut soon, what industry experts are excited about, and anticipated projects that are sure to make waves in the market. 

2020 Technologies: What’s Exciting The Industry 

New Releases

Faster Speeds And Greater Connectivity

The next generation of cellular technology, also known as 5G, is slated as the most influential innovation in 2020. It’s delivering data at record speeds and influencing many markets, propelling the transfer and accessibility of data forward. 

With 5G and other advances in connectivity, including improved WiFi or WiFi 6, devices in and outside the home can now link together faster, building more robust networks and better access to data in the cloud.

Evolution Of The Smart Home

Thanks to services like 5G, the smart home will continue to evolve and become more efficient. The ability for greater connectivity is leading to smart devices working more seamlessly together within the home. This advancement lessens the need for human interaction with items like smart lights and thermostats. Companies are taking note, too. Apple, Google, and Amazon have plans to team up to create a set of standards. These rules will help make smart homes more straightforward and more secure.

More standardization among smart home devices encourages more manufacturers to develop tools and appliances to make the home a better place to live continuously. 

Increase In IoT And Machine Learning

A surprise to few, more devices and software are adapting to the internet of things (IoT), precisely machine learning capabilities. As more devices turn this data into usable information, advances in the devices’ ability to think, make decisions and learn increase.

For example, Amazon recently launched Amazon Go, a system that uses IoT and machine vision technologies to enable consumers to shop without manual check out. Experts predict that more environments will start to use sensors and vision technologies, enabling more scalable IoT solutions. 

Advances In Home Healthcare

Healthcare technology is improving dramatically, including breakthrough innovations in wearable devices. As a result, it’s reducing stress on traditional healthcare outlets like doctors and hospitals, especially with the rise in life expectancy of the US population.

For example, products like FitBit encourage healthier lifestyles through activity level monitoring. Apple’s current Watch can carry out an electrocardiogram (ECG) to monitor for patterns or irregularity in heartbeats leading to earlier diagnosis of medical conditions. It’s predicted that this type of technology will become increasingly commonplace over the next year and beyond and can even reduce the need for outpatient appointments. Data collected can offer providers access to 24/7 insights into the condition of patients. 

Tech Companies Making Waves In 2020


Denver-based healthcare company HeartHero had an impressive showing at CES 2020. HeartHero designs, builds, and sells lightweight, portable, automated external defibrillators. The device is designed for anyone at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. It’s much more accessible than other similar machines. Their goal is to save more lives by increasing availability. 

Sumo Logic

According to Accenture, information and data will drive the future of technology more than ever in 2020 and beyond. Companies like Denver-based Big Data firm Sumo Logic will continue turning this data into relevant information for their clients. As the use of big data continues to become more detailed and efficient, the possibilities for its use become virtually endless. 

Significant Investments For 2020 Technologies

Forecasters predict that investors will put the focus on the release and growth of 5G. According to experts, it’s the number one and two hottest stock to watch in 2020.

Other areas of focus include cloud computing, streaming services, and automated logistics (should we expect to see self-driving semis regularly anytime soon?). We have to keep paying attention to see if these predictions play out. 

Where do you think technology is headed in 2020? Do you think the industry will make big strides? We’re all excited to see what happens.

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