4 Effective Methods For Improving Your Company’s Time To Hire

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Today, it feels like it’s harder than ever for companies to find the right talent promptly. There are more and more startups and established businesses in the tech world vying for similar people. And the time to hire is critical to reaching your set goals. You can only succeed with the right team.  

We work with companies and candidates every day. As a result, we see first-hand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to hiring. Finding great talent, fast, is a pretty big issue for many firms. If they’re not seeking help, they may be making the same mistakes over and over again. The repetitive failures are frustrating. A majority of American companies fail to collect and analyze data around their hiring process. How can you get better if you’re not trying to find the issue?

We believe that your time to hire can always improve. The best processes help you find the right people and ease the transition between onboarding and employment. Through our experiences, a solid interview and hiring process helps clients expedite their time to hire by engaging candidates more effectively. Use these tips to improve your process grow a team that works hard and sticks around

Tips for Improving Your Time to Hire 

Hold Open Interviews

If your company needs to fill multiple roles, open interview days are beneficial. When our clients block out an entire day or a specific amount of time for recruiters to submit candidates, they increase their chances of finding strong applicants. This process is fast and efficient, especially when marketed to the right recruiters. 

It also allows hiring managers and interviewers to consider more than one candidate in a shorter period. You’ll meet with multiple people in a day or a week, which allows you to find many more candidates than individually scheduled interviews. 

Balanced Interviews

You can increase the effectiveness of open interviews by using the balanced interview approach. A balanced interview means decreasing the number of people who interview the candidates. The fewer decision-makers in the room can help create greater clarity in the decision-making process. It can also lead to a more productive interview. 

Balanced interviews also use predetermined questions, which we receive as recruiters and pass off to our candidates so they can come in prepared. 

Coding Tests 

We strongly believe in test projects. Coding tests are a growing trend that helps companies see a developer’s abilities without bias. These can increase the time to hire, which isn’t great, if the test is too burdensome. Tests that are too in-depth can cause great talent to walk away. 

The right coding tests are short, effective, and take into account the benefits of quicker time to hire rate. While manageable assessments are perfectly reasonable, top talent interviewing with multiple companies may be lost if your process is significantly longer than your competitors. 

Open Communication with Account Managers

Account managers are critical when it comes to finding the right talent for their team. Keeping them in the loop will keep everyone on the same page and prevent silos. You can help keep the peace by updating them on the candidates and allowing them to schedule interviews that work around your schedule.

Active, regular communication and reviews of your companies process is the key to a faster time to hire.

Tap into Universities

More and more tech companies are heading to university campuses to find their next team members. Companies like Ibotta are slated to meet 20% of their hiring goals with students that don’t graduate for another semester. 

While that may sound like a risk, it can be instrumental. Enticing talent early helps you build the perfect team member. You can train them to meet your working standards and build higher retention and loyalty, which is the key to success

Adopting these practices can help increase your time to hire and lead to a less exhaustive and more dynamic onboarding process. By sharing these examples, we hope you reflect on your internal hiring processes by utilizing creativity and new ideas to improve your time to hire goals.

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