November: A Look into the World of Bacon

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With the holidays squarely upon us, we have been working even harder here at BWB to take this year full circle. November was a great month and in the ‘11th hour’ of the year, we thought we’d look back on the 11th month…   Check it:

We submitted 88 amazing candidates to our clients in November, and scheduled 79 for interviews…

9 of the people that we presented to our clients received competitive offers and accepted – woo hoo!  Are we all stocked up?  Nope… December is off to a quick start as well, we’ve already placed 4 people so far this month, with 2 offers outstanding.

Don’t get discouraged if you are looking for a job these Holidays, Denver is hiring! We had 21 new job orders come in November and we have seen 12 so far in December, that’s 33 new jobs in 6 weeks and there’s certainly a lot more out there.  Reach out to us over at BWB if you need some help finding the right fit for you.

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