The 6 Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Tech Employees

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We are so fortunate to call Denver home. From the formative tech community that is blossoming here to the great skiing/riding that we have at our fingertips and overall access to an amazing lifestyle, there is a lot to love. It is our home base and will be for years to come. Our team is over ⅓ Colorado natives and we have been in business here since 2001. We feel qualified to share the inside line on which neighborhoods in Denver are the best for people working in tech. On top of that, we have an ace up the sleeve; our resident real estate expert, Heather Bacon.

Heather is a broker/co-owner at RE/MAX of Cherry Creek here in Denver and just so happens to be the wife of the Founder/CEO of our company, Dave Bacon. We asked her to share some wisdom based on her 23+ years of real estate experience. First, we put our heads together and came up with the criteria for evaluation.

Here’s how we qualified what makes a great neighborhood in Denver for people working in technology:

  1. Ease of access to the regions of Denver where most tech jobs are
  2. Ease of access to recreation -- (A huge “must” for the attainment of that balanced live/work CO lifestyle)
  3. Convenience (‘Lock and Leave,’ public transit, and nightlife)
  4. Best Neighborhoods for families -- We broke this out as a different section because of access to great schools changes which neighborhoods we look at.

So first, here are Heather’s three recommendations for the best neighborhoods for technologists who are more focused on youthfulness, nightlife and are less focused on being family-focused:

Capitol Hill - Click to Download A Helpful Brochure

Capitol Hill is commonly recognized as one of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods in Denver. Centrally located in Denver, getting to any of the other tech areas like RiNo, downtown, South Platte, or Denver Tech Center is a breeze. Mansions from the late 19th century were built by some of Denver’s early millionaires were later joined by upper-middle-class homes and mid-century high-rises. Places to eat and shop - both funky and refined - are within easy walking distance, as are the gold-domed Capitol building, the Denver History Museum, and nearby Cheesman Park.

Key Stats:

  • In the heart of the state capital and downtown
  • Home of the Colorado Art Institute
  • Walk Score - 89
  • Bike Score - 95
  • Two Denver B-Cycle Stations
  • Close to I-25 and Speer Blvd

RiNo - Click to Download A Helpful Brochure

RiNo has become one of the hot spots with it’s proximity to downtown. It is defined by the abundance of large, open spaces in what was once primarily an industrial area. RiNo is home to many budding and established businesses and the leading neighborhood for arts/galleries of all kinds. Street art is abundant, galleries are thriving, and the nightlife has a uniquely creative vibe to it, you can find out more here on the official blog of RiNo.

Being just north of the city, the ability to get to Boulder doesn’t get much easier in what is essentially a downtown neighborhood. Hopping on route 70 west gets you into the mountains in minutes. Since 2016, the neighborhood has become flush with amazing restaurants, breweries & bars including key locations like The Source Hotel and Market, Great Divide Brewing, Mister Tuna, The Denver Central Market, Epic Brewing, and The Woods (one of Denver’s best rooftop bars and the best view of the Denver skyline).

Key Stats:

  • Home to Coors Field
  • A community-built for the arts and inspiration
  • Walk Score - 71
  • Bike Score - 91
  • Three Denver B-Cycle Stations
  • Close to I-25 and I-70

Highlands/LoHi - Click to Download A Helpful Brochure

Just west of downtown Denver are the diverse and charming Highlands and LoHi neighborhoods. Highlands/LoHi became much more accessible to downtown with the construction of the Denver Millennium Bridge and Platte River Bridge in the Central Platte Valley, along with the construction of the Highland Bridge over Interstate 25 in 2006. You can easily access the amazing coworking spaces of WeWork Circa and Galvanize Platte just by walking over the bridge. The proximity to downtown led to the rapid growth of the area in recent years. The area today is one of the more sought-after city-center neighborhoods.

Key Stats:

  • Home to Coors Field
  • A community built for the arts and inspiration
  • Walk Score - 71
  • Bike Score - 91
  • Three Denver B-Cycle Stations
  • Close to I-25 and I-70

And then for all of you with families looking for the same convenience and access, but more family-oriented, take a look at these three neighborhoods:

Washington Park

The Wash-Park area of Denver is one of the best for access to the city but with a slower pace feel that is conducive for peaceful family upbringing. You can still bike to downtown from here and Washington Park itself is one of Denver’s most beautiful parks, often referred to as a mini-Central Park. Plenty of art galleries, restaurants, and shops line the idyllic South Pearl and Old South Gaylord. Expect a premium in prices for this balance of lifestyle and access.

Key Stats:

  • Home to Washington Park - One of Denver’s best parks 32 blocks of beauty!
  • A lush, green neighborhood of tree-lined streets.
  • Close to the city while feeling miles away.
  • Walk Score - 57
  • Bike Score - 83
  • Close to I-25 and Speer


For those that may end up working in the Denver Tech Center or south of Denver, look no further than Centennial. Not the best for having to go north to Boulder or Broomfield due to having to drive through the core of the city on I-25, Centennial does still boast incredibly easy access to downtown via light rail. Depending on the exact location in Centennial, the public school system can be some of the best Denver has to offer and the median home price is around $450K (2019), which is slightly above Denver average, but less expensive than some of the others on this list.

Key Stats:

  • Close to Denver Tech Center
  • Ease of access to the light rail
  • An attractive, family-friendly downtown
  • Great schools depending on the area in Centennial
  • Ease of access to mountains and recreation
  • Close to I-25


For those most concerned with access to the mountains and more reasonable cost of living, Lakewood is the ticket! Sitting west of downtown just off 6th Ave, there is no easier place to live if you want to swing home, hop in the already packed car, and be off into the Rockies. Lakewood also has a reasonable median home price of $410K (2019) and still has above-average public schools. The Belmar shopping area is a family-friendly experience and one-stop-shop for dining, cinema, and general retail.

Key Stats:

  • Ease of access to downtown and RiNo via I70
  • Reasonably priced
  • Family friend activities and good schools
  • Close to 6th Ave which brings you right to 70West, get to those mountains!


Denver is a hip, desirable, and young city with growing energy. You cannot beat our access to true wilderness and balanced live/work cultural vibe. If you are looking to make the move here, Heather is happy to help and so are we! Thank you for taking the time to explore this post!

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