All About Colorado– Moving To And Thriving In The Centennial State

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If you’re moving to Denver, BWBacon’s All About Colorado guide has everything you need to know in one resource. We may be a little biased, but living Colorado comes with incredible perks! From having the Rocky Mountains in your backyard to enjoying all that the capital city of Denver has to offer culturally, Coloradans really do get the best of both worlds.

If you’re searching for a role in technology, Denver shows no signs of stopping as an emerging tech hub, even amidst a global pandemic. Learn about local job boards and how to start the networking process. The following guide will help you navigate moving to Colorado, selecting your dream neighborhood, and finding suggestions for dining and year-round activities.

Table of Contents

→ Moving to CO: Need To Knows For Relocation, Neighborhoods & Cost of Living

→ Finding Tech Work In Denver With Local Job Boards and Networking

→ What We Love About Living in Colorado

→ A Tasty Guide On Denver Metro Area’s Best Spots To Eat

→ The Mountains Are Calling: Choices Abound for Safe Outdoor Activities

Moving to CO: Need To Knows For Relocation, Neighborhoods, and Cost of Living

Making the decision to relocate is an exciting and nerve-racking decision. Relocating during a pandemic adds yet another layer of complexity. We’ve put together our best resources from understanding the cost of living and neighborhoods in Denver, to buying a house during the pandemic.

How Does The Cost of Living In Denver Compare To Other Tech Hubs?

A decade ago, Denver was on the rise as a new space for up and coming tech startups. Fast forward to 2020, Denver alone has added  28,230 tech jobs over the last five years, reinforcing CO’s standing as an established national tech hub. Denver is #7 nationally on CBRE’s Tech Talent Scorecard, ranking 50 North American markets on their ability to attract tech talent. Experts predict Denver’s strong tech infrastructure will weather the storm of economic strain due to the pandemic. So, how does Colorado compare to other tech cities?

→ Compare the numbers on how Colorado stacks ups to other tech hubs nationally…

Is Colorado Really More Affordable?

  • Colorado may be cheaper than the Bay Area, but you’re probably wondering by how much? Whether you’re looking for an apartment to rent or a home to buy, getting an idea of the cost of living will inform your decision on where to live. While Denver brings the highest prices, it also brings the biggest range of choice.

→ Learn more about how to weigh the cost of living in Colorado as a tech employee here…

Which Denver Neighborhood Should I Choose to Live In?

If you’ve already secured your dream tech job and know you’re moving to Denver specifically, there are a few things you need to know. Let’s start with taking a look at Denver’s unique neighborhoods. The colorful history of Denver neighborhoods reflects the diversity and ingenuity of people building out Colorado’s largest metropolitan area. Find specific info on every Denver neighborhood here.

→ Also take a look at BWB’s post on Denver neighborhoods and finding the right fit as a tech employee…

Buying A House During A Pandemic and The Colorado Real Estate Market

Planning on buying a home here in Colorado? You are probably aware of how hot the Denver housing market can be. Homes often have competing offers and contracts move quickly.

A Few Quick Facts on the Denver Housing Market:

  • According to the DMAR, August 2020’s housing market was as hot as its temperatures, logging 5,959 sales, the most for any August on record.
  • There were 5,301 active listings for residential homes at the end of September according to RE/Max Colorado, less than the inventory at the same time last year. This can cause high competition among buyers, so we recommend approaching house hunting with a clear idea of your budget and the neighborhoods you’d like to be in.
  • Over 1.5 million people have moved to CO over the last 20 years. Need a real estate agent or movers to help you navigate Denver? Check out this post for moving partners that get tech relocation.
  • Pro-tip: Getting pre-qualified for a loan can also save you time down the road, and boost your chances of getting that dream house once you’re ready to make an offer. Buying a home for the first time?

→ Don’t miss our in-depth resource on buying a home for the first time!

Denver real estate agents breathed a sigh of relief when in-person showings became an option again. While some people took the plunge, choosing a home sight unseen can be quite the gamble for buyers. From safe showings to new inspection procedures, we spoke with a seasoned Denver real estate agent to get the best advice on how to navigate home buying during the pandemic.

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Other Tech Friendly Cities Outside of Denver

  • If you’re not so keen on big city life, there are plenty of other options. With many positions available as full-time remote work, this opens up the possibilities for relocating to places outside of Denver. Other cities in Colorado, like Boulder and Fort Collins, have also made their mark on the tech industry, attracting enterprises and startups alike. Learn more in these blog posts:

The 4 Highest Cities In Colorado (Where You Can Still Work In Tech)

Why Boulder Placement Is Great For A Tech Company HQ

Finding Tech Work In Denver With Local Job Boards and Networking

It’s more crucial than ever to secure a good job if you’re planning to move to Colorado sometime in the near future. There are many resources available for technologists to interview with companies, or work with a recruiting partner.

If you’re a software engineer or developer, prepare for your job search by fine-tuning your resume, making sure its formatting is clear and concise. If you have a personal portfolio to add, double check it is accessible for those viewing it, and use programs that display your work cleanly.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Job Searching For Engineers and Developers?

While no one has a crystal ball to predict exactly where we are headed, many of our clients have found their footing and continue to grow their teams during this time. Furthermore, tech companies are also getting creative to keep their teams on board. We have seen salary changes and furloughs impact growth predictions, but the takeaway is that tech talent continues to be in high demand.

COVID-19 has also changed how tech interviews happen. Fortunately for job seekers, virtual interviewing has allowed companies to better hone in on what they need to ask about during an interview, saving time on both sides.

→ This list highlights industries in tech that hiring now and revamping your job search in 2020…

Where To Start Your Job Search In the Denver Tech Ecosystem

If you are searching for job boards in general, Colorado has plenty of local networks that can help talented folks get connected with the right people. From BWBacon’s Open Jobs Page to the Denver Devs Slack channel, searching for work on local job boards can increase your chances of being hired here in Colorado. Our blog also has resources on decision making, drug testing in Colorado, asking tough questions in interviews, and more. Here are two posts detailing the best local tech job boards:

→ Finding Web Developer Jobs In Denver Before/After Relocation

→ 8 Local Sources for Denver Tech Jobs and Company Information 

What We Love About Living In Colorado

So, you’ve found a home and job, now what? All it takes is seeing the Rockies on a clear sunny day to know Colorado is something special. From the breathtaking views to the resilient people that live here, Colorado has something to offer everyone. An established tech hub with diverse residents, Denver is also great for growing tech companies that want to define their business outside of Silicon Valley’s expense and monoculture.

Vice president of economic development at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation told Builtin CO that “the global health crisis has exposed the need for focusing on employees and how they want to have a balanced, high quality of life. That’s something that you can still get in the metro Denver region.”

Breaking Down Myths About the Colorado Lifestyle

Thinking about a move to the Centennial State, but feel like you want a better understanding of the culture? Let us unpack a few myths. Think about your home state, does it have any stereotypes or reputations for the type of people and how they live there? Colorado certainly has a few of its own.

→ Unpack the top 3 myths about the Colorado lifestyle for working professionals…

From Red Rocks To Breweries, Coloradans Know How To Enjoy Life

Colorado is also a cultural hub for music and fine arts. Our museums are world class, and many have re-opened their doors to invite guests back safely. While the Denver music scene has struggled to find its footing with the extended closure of larger venues, artists are still sharing their gifts through intimate concerts and social distanced events.

Awaiting the Return of Red Rocks

One example of this ongoing struggle is with Colorado’s beloved Red Rocks Amphitheater. Red Rocks, a world famous concert venue, has managed to host a few live music concerts this year with measured safety procedures and drastically reduced crowds. While we all patiently await its full re-opening, this year has certainly made locals appreciate its splendor and the experience of rocking out with thousands of other music lovers.

For those of you who can’t bear thinking about another year without shows, musicians still need our support more than ever. In Denver, some shows are still happening in person! Another way to find your way back to the music scene is through livestream events, or host a small gathering at your home to support a musician you know.

→ Take a look at how the Denver music scene is being revived with small shows and how to get involved!

Colorado Really Loves Its Beer

With every great concert comes a cold drink in hand. Home to over 425 microbreweries, Colorado is 2nd in the US next to California for number of breweries. Coloradans are fanatic about great beer and enjoying a pint at the end of a long day. October is usually dominated by different takes on pumpkin ales and seasonal brews, and many breweries have mastered their outdoor setups to accommodate for visitors safely.

→ Learn more about microbreweries in CO and how to enjoy the best beers in 2020…

Environmentalism is A Staple of Colorado Culture

As we’ve mentioned before, an engrained love for Colorado’s environment influences the types of people and businesses that thrive here. As comes with any deep appreciation for a place, people that live here are passionate about protecting Colorado’s wilderness, open spaces, and clean air and water.

In this way, we have unique businesses and organizations that strive to use the power of technology to better assess and care for our natural environments. It’s inspiring to know many environmentally aware companies are homegrown and drive tech innovation in CO.

→ Read the BWBacon’s post on how Colorado companies bridge the gap between environmentalism and technology.

A Tasty Guide On Denver Metro Area’s Best Spots To Eat

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association, over 400 local restaurants have closed due to the shutdown from COVID-19. This is devastating to Colorado’s small business economy, and those that have stayed open have cut staff and rely on people ordering takeout. Despite grim numbers, there is always hope and community support.

The importance of supporting local restaurants has grown ten-fold under the current circumstances, so let’s enjoy some food! Restaurants around Denver are getting incredibly creative, and we love to see it. Others are selflessly donating food to essential workers and those in need. This is why we want to stress the importance of buying local and uplifting our community of small business owners, especially restaurants.

→ Read our post on how Denver restaurants are embracing the pivot with new solutions this year.

Denver Vs Boulder Food– Which City Has It Best?

If you’re new to Colorado or a local, you may be aware of the playful banter between those who prefer Boulder to Denver or vice versa. While the two cities have a friendly competition on who has the most startups or where is the best place to live, they both have a lot to offer.

But which city has better food? The jury is still out, but take a look at our top choices if you’re planning where to eat out this weekend in Denver or Boulder. We put their restaurants to the test to highlight the best spots for brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

→ Denver or Boulder, which will be the gourmet champion!? Click here to find out.

Rooftop Experiences Have A New Meaning in 2020

Rooftop bars were fun before the coronavirus, but now bars and restaurants with rooftop or outdoor patios are thanking their lucky stars. Others are making makeshift outdoor spaces, and cities like Denver, Boulder, and Breckinridge are closing entire streets to make room for safe outdoor dining.

This kind of creativity is key to keeping businesses running, as Coloradans still want to safely enjoy an outdoor experience with friends and family. So bring a mask and check out these rooftop bars across Denver!

→ We’ve updated this list of rooftop bars and outdoor dining experiences for October 2020!

The Mountains Are Calling: Choices Abound for Safe Outdoor Activities

Known for its summer and winter sports wonderland that draw tourists from across the globe, many flock here to spend more time outdoors than in. As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, people living in Colorado will come to cherish and seek out opportunities to do things outdoors even more than before.

How The Climate in Colorado Outshines Other Places

One thing locals like to brag about is Colorado’s consistently sunny weather. It’s not unheard of to enjoy a 70 degree day in the middle of January. CO’s quirky weather is also dry, leading to bigger range in temperatures than some of its northern counterparts.

Here are 3 quick facts about Colorado’s climate:

  1. The highest temperature ever recorded was 188℉ in Bennett, CO. The coldest? -65℉!
  2. Bring the sunscreen! Colorado is the UV Radiation capital of the US due to its high elevations ranging from 7,000 to 14,000 ft.
  3. The average statewide precipitation is only 17in, 21 inches below the global average.

→ Read all about Colorado’s climate as compared to other major tech cities here.

Adventure Awaits With Outdoor Activities All Year Round

If you’re moving to Colorado for adventure, you’ve chosen well. There are amazing opportunities for adventures all year round. From cycling, hiking, climbing, and white water rafting in the summer, to skiing and snowboarding in the winter, take your pick and hit the trail.

Featured Summer Sport: Biking

→ Colorado is nationally ranked to have some of the best and safest cities for bikers in the country. With over 1,746 miles of paved bike trails (that’s just paved; there are 6,821 miles of mountain biking trails), cycling in Colorado is for transportation and leisure.

→ Check out our blog post on how technology and biking intersect in Colorado…

Featured Winter Sport: Skiing & Snowboarding

→ It’s no secret that Colorado’s world renowned ski and ride resorts draw thousands each year. While this year’s season may add another layer of complication with reservations and lift restrictions to ensure public safety, it’s just not Colorado without skiing.

→ As working from home continues, skiing may become an even more prevalent activity as people are able to travel and work at the same time. We predict that more folks will want to head up for half-days or ski trips during the week, which could either help or hinder mountain traffic.

→ Take a look at our hacks for getting in more slope time while working from home!

The Best Colorado Road Trips for Your Fall and Winter Getaways

Finally, if you and yours is keen on outdoor activities or prefers to get cozy as temperatures drop, Colorado is full of places to explore. Use your discretion to keep safe while traveling. If you’re itching to get out of the city, or just want to see more of what Colorado has to offer, there is a perfect road trip out there for you.

→ Read our full article on the best road trips in Colorado for Fall and Winter getaways…

We hope this guide provided you with ample resources to get started on your move to Colorado and continue to explore once you’re here. Just recently, in the U.S. News and World Report listing of the Best Places to Live, four out of the top five cities are in Colorado! In order, those cities are Boulder and Denver, followed by Colorado Springs and Fort Collins in fourth and fifth place. We can’t say we’re too surprised. Please reach out to our team if you have other questions or comments on our All About Colorado Guide.

Here at BWBacon Group, we know and live what you are experiencing as an employer or job seeker in Denver, Boulder, Dallas, San Francisco, New York City or any of the other cities we work in. We believe great recruiting starts and ends with understanding people.

If you have any questions about living, working or playing any of the areas we serve, please contact us. We are happy to help. Seize the day, every day, that’s what we say!