Colorado Health Tech -- Leading The Charge In Advanced Care

Posted on December 5, 2019 by BWBacon. Tagged: Featured Companies, For Clients

Managing your health is an essential task that you take care of every day. Fitting in light cardio, sticking to your diet, and getting enough sleep is challenging. Luckily, companies are very aware of these issues. That's why many created modern technology to help us manage. In this post, we explore companies that lead the charge in advanced health tech. And a bonus — these companies are all located in Colorado. 

Health Tech Companies that Make Our Lives Easier

Livin' DaVita Loca

Roughly 37 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of Kidney disease. To add to the distress, 90% don't know. DaVita — a kidney disease research and treatment firm — implements technology by connecting people to better healthcare options.

The myDaVita app helps members manage every aspect of their overall health and kidney care. An online portal gives patients direct access to professional dietitians, along with lab results, an online GFR calculator, and other exclusive resources. Many healthcare companies realize that adopting tech is the way of the future. 

Making the Grade

Imagine having the peace-of-mind that your next visit to a healthcare professional is recommended by peers. Headquartered in Denver, Healthgrades offers reliable information to consumers and providers for more meaningful connections.

Each year, Healthgrades' Annual Report to the Nation' shares data about changes in hospital quality. This data helps consumers make informed choices by reporting on current trends and innovations that impact their care. The Healthgrades 'Specialty Excellence Awards™' also promote exceptional performance from ' America's Best Hospitals for Specialty Care™.' 

Think of the platform like Google Reviews or Rate my Professor for your doctor. Before your visit, get a look into the office through the eyes of patients. You get more control over your care with realistic expectations.

Thriving With Strive

Strive Health champions innovations for home hemodialysis treatments. Their goal is to increase accessibility in healthcare. Strive Health is one of the first companies to address the outdated level of testing, prevention, and care for kidney health.

Through their platform, inpatient kidney care could get cut by up to 50%. Their goal is to triple the rate of home dialysis adoption. This innovation has the potential to do wonders for improving the patient experience and overall quality of life.

Virta-cal Horizon

Virta Health is the first company to offer a clinically-proven treatment that can safely and sustainably reverses type 2 diabetes. Their goal is to help treat chronic metabolic diseases without the use of medications or surgery.

This innovative company is a pioneer in nutritional biochemistry, data science, and digital tools. By combining health tech with clinical expertise, Virta is making significant strides in diabetes treatment that will affect change for years to come.

As you can see, there's major growth happening in the health tech field right here in Colorado. With so many mission-driven companies in Denver, we're thrilled to partner pioneers who are leading the future of health tech. The potential is practically limitless for the next big wave of innovations that will help shape the course of health and science for generations to come.

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