Colorado Lifestyle For People In Tech -- Three Funny Myths

Posted on August 27, 2019 by BWBacon. Tagged: For Candidates, Moving to Denver, Colorado Culture

In November 2012, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, which was truly momentous for the marijuana industry. In May 2019, Governor Jared Polis signed a number of bills that completely removed the obstacles for cannabis consumers and cannabis-oriented companies alike. That means residents can consume marijuana openly and freely — whenever they want. Weed is now a fixture in the Colorado lifestyle — for residents and those that think of our state.

But what does this mean for business and employees, like yourself? Honestly, not a whole lot. Really. People wake up, go to work and enjoy their lifestyle choices in their free time. It’s really not much different than going to the bar after the day for happy hour. In Colorado, the difference is just that we have legalized weed and the city of Denver recently decriminalized mushrooms.

Sure, the negative stereotypes may be true for some, but a large majority of our community is productive, successful and living a “normal” life on a “normal” schedule.

Debunking the Colorado Lifestyle Myths

Everyone is High At Work


People aren’t waking and baking and going into work. Sure, that might happen sometimes, but in reality, the Denver area is vibrant and controlled with its drug use. In fact, according to a marijuana journalist, “The city is a successful experiment in how to safely and responsibly allow people to consume a plant that has benefits and abilities to heal society in ways that we’re just beginning to understand.

In fact, the biggest result of the legalization of marijuana is the economic impact. Researchers found that a taxed and regulated cannabis industry contributed more than $58 million to the local economy within the first year of its legalization. And that number is expected to grow exponentially now that people can freely consume the plant without restrictions.

So no, we’re not all high all the time. Legalizing weed is really just a benefit to the community on many levels. It promotes economic freedom, prevents the persecution of people for non-violent drug possessions, and prioritizes harmful crime above drugs.

For more on the actualities and expectations of working on a town with legalized weed, check out this article.

People in Colorado Don’t Actually Work


We’ve heard the rumors, too. People move to Colorado, get a job a Starbucks and ski all day. This is so false. You’ll notice that there are a significant number of companies, especially in the tech scene, that are thriving. Companies are doing so well that they’re having a hard time filling all of the roles they need to continue their growth. That means that yes, indeed, people are working.

But, there ARE plenty of amazing opportunities to pick up new hobbies and get outdoors. Some common past times that are part of the Colorado lifestyle include:

And, many companies in Colorado practice summer and/or winter hours, so there’s more flex time to take part in your favorite activities. In fact, studies show that when employees have the flexibility to enjoy more of a work/life balance, they’re more productive. It might even be fair to say that employees in Colorado are getting even more work done than those without all these amazing lifestyle options.

You Have to Love the Outdoors to Fit In


You don’t need to be an extreme athlete with exceptional downhill chops to fit in here. Okay, so it’s true, we do have the most winter Olympians (31) than any other state, but — you don’t have to be an avid skier to enjoy the scene.

In fact, many people get their outdoor fix by sipping on a beer on an outdoor patio. All jokes aside, there are so many options available to you to fit in and find the Colorado lifestyle that fits you best. You don’t need to be a weed-smoking, downhill sloping beer drinker to move here. And if you are - that’s fine too! You’ll have lots of options for activities, that is the main take-away.

Seriously — it’s a great place to live, work and play. We think it’s the best really. If you’re looking for a job, check out our openings and reach out to our team if you have more questions about the Colorado lifestyle.

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