Testimonial from a Sr. RoR Developer

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Abby.

Are you looking for a job and wondering if working with a recruiting company is for you? Check out this testimonial about a candidate who worked with BWBacon:

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A Great Start to 2014!

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Abby.

Wow! What a great start to the year over here at BWB! We’ve had 6 contractors start so far in January and we are hard at work on 11 new jobs. We have already had a total of 37 interviews in 2014 and we’re aiming to close several more deals very soon!  We are feeling great about the New Year!

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November: A Look into the World of Bacon

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Abby.

With the holidays squarely upon us, we have been working even harder here at BWB to take this year full circle. November was a great month and in the ‘11th hour’ of the year, we thought we’d look back on the 11th month…   Check it:

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Bacon in the News!

Posted on November 13, 2013 by BWBacon.

In local news, CU lures its fans to attend a 10 am basketball – football double header with BaconFest, featuring 10,000 free strips of bacon.

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Lots of wins over the past couple weeks!

Posted on September 23, 2013 by BWBacon.

-          The latest is that we placed a Lead Designer at a major ecommerce company….  This was a tough deal to navigate, and Friday morning it was 50/50 if Leah’s guy would accept.  We stroked the offer and last night we received acceptance.

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