Why work with Bacon

We're agile


Agile Recruitment, for us, has become a way of (work) life.  BWBacon Group is the first (and only) tech staffing agency to be 100% Agile/Scrum certified in the country (as far as we can tell), and that pursuit stemmed from our initial zeal to understand you, our clients, who are mostly Agile. That adoption turned inward, what this means is that we have internal working agreements, a product vision, a definition of done,  an approach for prioritizing our backlog, ways for sizing our user stories, and means for managing our sprint cycles.

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A good Recruiter:

  1. Knows their clients intimately. The strengths of our partnerships have been forged by much more than mere success. It’s the intimacy that is revealed by overcoming the imminent obstacles of staffing.
  2. Has a process to manage scale. Tech staffing has unique ebbs and flows, and to manage an iterative process, we have incorporated Agile.
  3. Takes great pride in being forthright. We know the importance of being candid, and the sensitivity of sharing confidential information.
  4. Primarily relies on relationships for growth. There are tremendous tools and automation opportunities in the staffing market, but ultimately they know that its relationships that matter most.
  5. Goes to great lengths to establish mutual expectations. We understand your preferences. It’s part of qualifying if you’re a fit for us and learning what you and your company are all about.
  6. Gets up when they’re knocked down. We almost relish the opportunity to make something right as much as we celebrate getting it right. Our product is people.
  7. Catalyzes a natural and speedy process. Forcing things or creating undue urgency compromises placement effectiveness and undermines all those involved. Our process is naturally fast.
  8. Seeks out referrals. We rely on referrals more than any other source for qualified candidates.
  9. Loves what they do.
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We’ve got the passion


Named the Best of Client and Best of Talent Staffing Awards for Clearly Rated from 2019-2021 and the winner of Colorado Business Magazine’s Top Company Awards for Professional Services in 2021, BWBacon’s sizzling presence in the Denver tech scene is generated from our team’s incredible energy, creative ideas, and a desire to better serve our clients and candidates.

With over 21 years in business in technical recruiting, we find success is rooted in relationships. Relationships have to be cultivated personally, nurtured, repaired with integrity and accountability, and even let go of with humility and acceptance. Our ability to foster relationships is our competitive advantage because we do it like no one else.

Staffing is a timeless industry, and in an age of choice and new technology, we have an opportunity to build something totally distinctive; and not just within BWB, but with our clients.  With no absolutes in our space, we find that what we do is absolutely rewarding.