Ed Tech Innovations Shaping The Future Of Learning

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There are many positive and beneficial ed tech programs making waves across our community. The primary goal of an ed tech program is to help technology users expand their knowledge. It’s easy to demonize technology, especially when it comes to children. Just think about the stigma around screen time

Working in the tech world, we know it’s not all bad. In fact, technology has a lot of potentials to create positive impacts, primarily through intentional ed tech tools and programs. These innovations are helping to increase and measure knowledge gained, and quite frankly, wouldn’t be possible without technology. 

Ed tech companies like Stackup help advance the skills of students, families, universities, and more. These solutions create unique opportunities for advanced learning. They can also collect data, which can be used to advance further curriculum based on its effectiveness. While some of these programs can be a significant investment, many educators and families believe in its worth. 

According to Stackup, ed tech programs help promote a new way of learning. These solutions embrace the advantages of educational technology to help mold students into responsible and informed digital citizens, which is essential for their future. 

Ed Tech Companies that Are Changing the Way we Learn


Stackup is an EdTech program that intelligently measures all online reading and learning by website, subject, and reading level.

The company’s mission is to unlock the full learning potential of the web. By measuring their students’ data, educators can tailor their lessons around online usage and interests. Highly customized programs can help improve learning outcomes, which is a win-win for all.  

Stackup uses patented technology to measure, reward, and report all online reading and learning that takes place across the entire web. It also calculates the reading level and categorizes the subject area of every webpage, regardless of whether it’s free open-sourced content or a paid application or program.

Dashboards are available for students, teachers, and school leaders, providing each audience with unique information. The Stackup Library is home to the most popular and interesting articles on the web, organized by subject area and reading level from over 300 educational websites, encouraging kids of all levels to dive into reading.

Moving into the future, Stackup is always working to improve its offerings by working with passionate educators to stay on the cutting edge of technology that moves teaching and learning forward in schools. It’s built and run by educators, so they have direct experience to help mold the future of learning. 

U.S. Department of Education

Through its Enhancing Education through Technology (Ed Tech) State Program, the U.S. Department of Education is promoting the use of technology in the classroom. Under the Ed Tech program, the department provides grants to State educational agencies (SEAs). 

These programs help improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. The program’s goal is to help students fully understand how to use digital tools by the end of their elementary education. Teachers can also use technology tools to enhance lesson planning, and incorporate technology literacy into teaching.


Expeditions is an awesome ed tech tool that offers a series of virtual reality (VR) field trips that teachers can use to supplement their curriculum. How cool is that?! Each expedition features various scenes that include 360-degree panoramas and 3D images. 

It collects content from Google and other partners, including WNET, PBS, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Planetary Society. 

VR is a new technology that will see increased use in the years to come, making now the time to help students build healthy VR habits. It creates an opportunity to explore many spaces that may not be in the budget or available otherwise. 

Common Sense Education

This database of ed tech tools includes reviews, demos, and information on a massive list of digital education applications.  Use their advanced filters to search for educational apps for any age range and subject, eliminating the guessing game on what programs do and who they are geared towards.

More broadly, Common Sense also compiles age-ratings, honest reviews, and information for parents, teachers, and schools to help support their students in an increasingly digital world.  Tackle the endless choices of apps, tv, movies, programs, and more with this easy tool for keeping up on digital content.

This list is just a sample of fantastic ed tech programs available for today’s students and educators. When searching for opportunities in tech, consider a job for one of these innovative companies. It will give you a chance to shape the future through education. 

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