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One of the worst feelings is when time slips away, right through our fingers. Whether you’re in the office or trying to enjoy every hour of your weekend family time, there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Similar to you, our leader, Dave, believes that we all need to get the most out of every minute. That’s because time is extremely valuable, especially when balancing everything between your company and personal life. It’s absolutely critical to find time management tools that make your life easier and help you get more out of every day. 

As a high performing professional, you have many options that work independently and together to meet your unique requirements. From scheduling to project management, there are dozens of time management tools available today. In this post, we’re outlining a few of the most common challenges professionals deal with around managing their time and how tools can help make your life easier. 

Finding the Best Time Management Tools to Combat Common Challenges

Merge Calendars to Prevent Scheduling Conflicts

Double booked? It happens. Someone is going to be let down. Stop the madness and use time management tools to take full control of your schedule. 


This program is an automated scheduling software that works with your calendar to check your availability. You simply send a personalized link and customers, employees, and everyone in between can click on a time slot to schedule a meeting. This program has plenty of integrations, pulling your calendar data from Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud.

Other features include the ability to schedule buffer time between meetings, time zone detection, along with compatibility with apps like Salesforce, GoToMeeting, and Zapier. 

Google Calendar 

If you’re not already using Google for business, take it into consideration. Especially for the calendar. Google offers an integrated online calendar designed for teams. This calendar integrates seamlessly with other G-Suite products, including Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, and Hangouts. It can be easily accessed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well. 

Plus, Google integrates into plenty of other software, like Calendly. You can also create a lot of different calendars within one account. For example, if you have multiple teams working on different projects, you can assign specific calendars and colors to keep everything in view organized and identifiable. 

Fantastical 2

Mac users will love the convenience and ease of merging their calendars from various accounts into one streamlined view. A fan favorite with professionals, this useful app synchronizes virtually every calendar account you have into one application. So if you’re like us and have calendars from personal to business and want to see them all in one place, check out this app.

Manage Work-Life Balance

We’re offering up time management tools to simplify your life and that goes well beyond the office. Here are tools to help you ensure that you’re maintaining a balance between your time in the office and at home. 


There’s literally an app for everything these days. If you’re overwhelmed with managing them all, well, you guessed it, there’s an app for that. IFTTT helps you merge multiple apps into one. For example, you can sync your weather app and Facebook messenger so you’ll get a message reminding you to grab your umbrella if it’s supposed to rain. You can sync your Twitter account to create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets every time your business’ name is mentioned on the social platform. 

With IFTTT, your possibilities are virtually endless. This application is a huge time saver for professionals juggling many different tasks and responsibilities. And luckily, getting started is easy. People have created a lot of different combinations to help you get started. 


Similar to IFTTT, Zapier helps your apps work together. Integrations are really important. There’s a reason that many of the apps work together. But sometimes, organizing these integrations isn’t always obvious. 

Zapier can help you save hours each week by connecting to your favorite apps, like Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over 750 others, to help automate repetitive tasks in the background. Thereby giving you more time to focus on other projects or passions.


Ever say to yourself, “I need a personal assistant?” Well, now you can get one on-demand. HelloAlfred (available in select major cities – with Denver to come soon) helps you manage tasks that you need done in any given week. It allows you to better balance work, family, hobbies, and your social life while making sure you take care of your household responsibilities. 

You can use the app to have someone make your bed, pick up your dry cleaning, and even do your laundry. 


Keep all of your family’s personal information in one place. Cozi helps professionals keep their family responsibilities on task. It includes a calendar, to-do list, shopping list, journal, and even a recipe manager. 

The best part is that everyone in your family can have access. It’s a lot easier to find time in your schedule for all the things when you’ve taken the time to pre-plan the non-negotiables, such as doctors appointments and weekend getaways. 

Become Your Own Best Project Manager 

Do a quick search for project management tools and you’ll find dozens. Keeping track of tasks can be very simple when you take advantage of these tools. 


Used by thousands of business every day, Trello helps you track projects from inception to completion. It’s a list- and card-centric, drag-and-drop tool built for every modern device, utilizing agile methodology or the Kanban Method to keep you organized. 

We love creating boards for specific projects, with cards for each task, watching them move from left to right as steps progress. It’s very satisfying and keeps everyone on your team aligned. 

It even helped Unicef provide life-saving information in under 30 hours to more than 22,000 people during Hurricane Irma. 


Project management app meets to-do list, Wunderlist is the perfect tools for busy professionals that need everything easily accessible in one place. Wunderlist helps you get reminders about what you need to do – from work to personal life – while collaborating with others from right within the app. 

You can also use Wunderlist to make lists of random things that you need to remember, such as movies you want to watch or books you want to read. On the surface, it may look like a simple to-do app, but the plethora of features make it an incredible tool for staying organized and on top of things without having to remember it all yourself.

As you can see, there are plenty of time management tools to help you regain control of your life. Utilizing these tools will not only help you stay more organized and reduce scheduling issues, they can also help you integrate time-tested business practices into your organization such as agile methodology. 

If you need help with time management, especially within your organization, get in touch with us today. We work with busy professionals all the time and fully understand the challenges you face, especially when it comes to managing your team. 

Also, if you have a favorite time management tool that didn’t make the list, let us know

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