Dream Team

Better people, better solutions... To imply we're the best would be to suggest we're done trying. As we continue to grow and change as a company, we are humbled to support some of the most innovative clients imaginable.

Why We’re Different

We don’t pursue being different as much as being true. We balance professionalism and execution with being loose and fun. We are 100% Scrum-certified recruiters who’ve turned Agile on it’s head and created our own model for Agile Recruitment. We go to great lengths to embrace our clients brands as our own so we can better advocate clients with conviction to a discerning market. We prefer to foster a process of natural progression, rather than forced urgency, because we recognize the intense emotions of all parties in filling key roles. We approach problems and issues as opportunities to reaffirm the value of our partnership.

We look for companies who permeate passion for their product or service; and who respect the critical role we can play in their growth. Many clients consider us to be one of their best marketing partners… a recruiter who goes way beyond the standard expectations and who brings life to a challenging process.


Check Out Why We’re Different

Process showing how bwbacon recruits for technology jobs in Denver

Our Primary Focus is:


Developers, engineers, architects, QA, DBA,SEO/SEM, BI, BA

Android, iOS, Windows, gaming

DevOps, infrastructure, sys admins, DBA's, network engineer/admins

Graphic design, information architecture, interactive design, art director

Strategy, implementation, agile, SDLC, marketing, interactive, digital producer

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Zach, the place is incredible. I can't remember the last time I felt so good about a company although I admit it feels strange suddenly to find myself the dumbest person in the room. Thanks for being the matchmaker.


Zach C
I have not been this happy in my job since 2008!  This place is great, it is a breeding ground for smart people.


I just wanted to say thanks for you and your company's role in helping me find a great position. I am so excited to have found a great company that I can grow with...


Ryan B.
These guys make me feel like I'm their only resource. I know they have 50 other people on the roster at any given moment, but the level of personalized attention I receive makes me feel extra important and well taken care of...


Kristen D.
Searching for a new job has never been so enjoyable! Working with BWBacon was a pleasure. They’re very dependable, super responsive and I always felt like they had my best interests at heart.


Nick M.
I really do appreciate the effort that goes into trying to match potential candidates with potential positions, and accordingly also the time you have extended on my behalf: thank you sincerely for your involvement in my job search...


Jeannie F.
Mike Henninger was a pleasure to work with.  He was very responsive, and always available for questions – including during extended business hours...


Dylan T.
Thanks so much for the best job I've ever had!


Chad W.
Leah has done such a great job coordinating with Clients. I would not have had my last two jobs without her.


Dave S.
Thanks to BWBacon for your assistance in helping me find my next career path. I highly recommend BWBacon for your next Job Search in the Software Development Industry.


Alex R.
Leah, I have worked with you for years and I trust your judgement as you have never let me down...never. In fact you are the best talent acquisition specialist I have ever worked with.


To the Bacon crew - it’s been killer working with you on these client analytics efforts. I know the clients felt the strong value that you delivered, and expressed such.
heart envelope

To our clients

We offer the following unique client support paradigm:

  • Obsessively candid communication with the highest expectation for confidentiality
  • Agile Recruitment approach
  • A thorough analysis of your strategies, expectations and vision
  • All the necessary tools and networks at our disposal to fill your needs
  • Aggressive promotion to attract the most competent talent
  • Behavior reflecting that we are an honorable & proud extension of your brand
  • Over-delivery, enthusiasm and attention to detail
  • Commitment to industry best practices for constant service improvement

Expected Salaries

All this means is that BWBacon is very selective in qualifying the clients we support. To ensure we offer our staff and our candidates the most compelling and appealing opportunities in technology we work with clients who can answer “yes” to the questions below:

  • Are you financially sound?
  • Do you have a compelling business model and an attractive work environment?
  • Do you understand and respect our role in the staffing process & look to us as a vested, value-adding partner?
  • Can you articulate how you are different from your competition?
  • Are you passionate about the future of your company, technology, having fun and sharing it all with the people you bring onto your team?

See what to expect

Meet @BWBacon, @Emergenetics_ and @NationalValuat1, the 2020 top company winner and finalists in professional services. From helping to build software for clients to providing insights into the ways that people prefer to think and behave, get to know them. http://ow.ly/oL1Y50BAMHs