How much are you Worth?

What you are ‘worth’ is in so many ways a shallow determination of value. We are priceless to our children, invaluable to the organizations we support; and we’re either worthless or precious to our neighbors, depending on status of your lawn or gravity of your parties, and so it is that our worth is often determined by others. Salary is only piece of the broad equation in accepting any offer with a BWBacon client. In supporting a wide array of exceptionally compelling start-ups, stake is as much a factor as salary, and where clients seek those with conviction for meaningful equity as much as diligence and sense of their self-worth and salary value.

*The data below was taken from BWBacon Group placements over a 1 1/2 year period, from 1/2016-6/2017; averages determined after removing highest and lowest salary.

Tech Salaries

Developers, engineers, architects, QA, DBA,SEO/SEM, BI, BA

Android, iOS, Windows, gaming

DevOps, infrastructure, sys admins, DBA's, network engineer/admins

Graphic design, information architecture, interactive design, art director

Strategy, implementation, agile, SDLC, marketing, interactive, digital producer