How to Get a Raise

Posted on July 28, 2014 by .

We all want one, but very few of us know how to get one. Here are the three things you should know about getting the raise you want – when you want it.

1.     You Don’t Just “Get A Raise”

Similar to how you do not hand out your money to anyone who wants it, companies don’t either. With budgets getting tighter and with many businesses trying to do more with less – most raises (especially the good ones) are merit based.

Want a substantial raise? Do substantial things.

Typically raises are given annually. Spend your year not only accomplishing your year’s objectives but also going above and beyond. Make sure you keep a list of what you achieve (the more quantifiable the better). When it comes time to discuss salary increases you will be well armed with why you deserve more.

2.     Be Thoughtfully Direct

If you don’t want a wishy-washy salary, don’t be wishy-washy about asking for it. Be direct. Send your manager an email outlining all of the accomplishments you have made with the company since your last salary review (or since you started). Tell him or her what salary increase you believe these successes warrant, and then indicate you are going to set up a meeting to discuss this. This will give them time to think about your request and will demonstrate that you are serious about your career and your salary.

3.     Research Salaries For Your Industry

While salaries can vary widely depending on the company, the industry and the individual there are some baseline metrics that can help you understand general ranges for your skills. Want to see how much others in your field are getting paid? Check out some of these resources: – Our salary guide for IT jobs in Denver and throughout Colorado. – Highlights different job types by salary ranges. Want to make a certain amount? Look at what kinds of jobs are recommended for that salary range. or – See salary ranges for different technology jobs


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