“Moving on up! (to a deluxe apartment in the sky!)

Posted on January 17, 2016 by .

We FINALLY opened up the doors to our ‘new’ office at Battery.  BWBacon has been in Battery621 for 4 years, and owes much of our brand and success to the 4 walls and roof of this great place, so for us to finally move upstairs into the famous space formerly occupied by our loving ski partner, Icelantic, has been very exciting!  We invited clients, candidates and friends alike and had an amazing electric violin player entertain us until almost midnight!

BWBacon at Battery621 violin

BWBacon @BWBacon
Do you know Bacon? Thanks to @blacktiecolorado for this awesome profile of our fearless founder and CEO.… https://t.co/IZOv6zYjCi